Our Mission

Our mission is to grow organizations to the next level according to their own individual goals.

What Makes Us Different?

We are not traditional consultants – we are facilitators who work with our clients to understand their goals, ask probing questions geared to unearth their ideas, build a framework based on those ideas, gather data and finally fill in the gaps with targeted information. It is evidence based and client driven – that is our expertise.


We are committed to understanding what our clients and their stakeholders need by engaging with them throughout the journey. We focus our efforts on ensuring that need is met in the work we create.

Holistic Measure of Profit

We believe in the holistic measure of profit wherein everyone that we connect with or touch, including our earth, receives more from us than they give.


An Experienced Facilitator of Planning and Growth since 1991

In order to create focused growth, an organization needs a well-defined plan of action based upon the needs of its stakeholders, whether that be their clients, members, owners, board, funders or others.

Global Infobrokers Inc. has spent 30+ years providing that research and planning service for small to medium size businesses and non-profits, international entrepreneurs and Indigenous organizations.  We operate on a platform of engagement with our clients and their stakeholders so that the plan, whether strategic, business, digital, organizational, HR, or visioning, is based upon the needs and goals of those we serve. 

Engagement with stakeholders is key.

We do this through a facilitation process where we collect their ideas, fill in the gaps with secondary research and create evidence based, action plans that are built on their original ideas.

In order to provide the most comprehensive service, we have developed a network of practicing professionals who are all experts in their fields.  We have the problem solvers, the researchers, the writers & editors, the experts, the coaches and mentors, and the leadership to help create your vision.

"A vision without a plan is just a dream. A plan without a vision is just drudgery. But a vision with a plan can change the world." - Ancient Proverb


Our introductory conversation is designed to determine if we are the proper fit for your organization.  If your goal is to

  •       Create a plan of action
  •       Flesh out a product that you have in mind
  •       Undertake research
  •       Create a targeted market survey
  •       Design a new “standard operating procedure” for your                         organization
  •       Create a digital strategy
  •       Or achieve a myriad of similar outcomes

    But if you need someone to help you pull it together, we are likely a good fit.



The next step after the signed service agreement, is to adapt the following basic process to meet your needs.

Our basic process is to;

Look at your whole organization, not just on one aspect, so we can understand the context

  • Hold an initial meeting where we get to know your organization vision, goals, and expectations for the work you wish to focus on (plan, process, took, survey, research etc.)
  • Send and have you complete a set of initial questions to create our work outline
  • Identify areas where deeper information / research is needed
  • Create the research / workplan ie internal and external questions
  • Follow up with a second set of questions to gather internal data from your organization
  • Conduct external research
  • Assemble our team based upon your requirements
  • Complete the first draft of the work product
  • Review and update with the client
  • Conduct additional research if needed
  • Complete the second draft
  • Finalize changes with the client
  • Finalize the work product
  • Follow up to ensure the product has been useful

It is our practice to engage with the client throughout the process so that the final product is a reflection of the clients vision.

We Look Forward To Working With You!

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