Our Mission

Our mission is to provide learner-focused entrepreneurial management training to individuals to launch, grow and manage their own company.

What Makes Us Different?

We are entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs through intensive immersion training, coaching, networking, mentoring, and connecting through lived experience. We are with you each step of the way.


We actively engage in our community because we believe an entrepreneur can only be successful when they understand the power of working with and serving others.

Holistic Measure of Profit

We believe in the holistic measure of profit wherein everyone that we connect with or touch, including our earth, receives more from us than they give.


A Leader in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Management Training for nearly 30 years

Starting and running your own business requires a breadth of knowledge and management skills – it isn’t enough anymore to just open your doors and develop as you go.  It is more than bookkeeping or sales – it is planning, researching, developing, networking, communicating, forecasting, analyzing, marketing, designing, creating, problem-solving, collaborating – there is no such thing as “7 easy steps to success” when you are designing your future through entrepreneurship. It takes hard work, commitment, and tenacity to disrupt the norm.

Since 1991, Praxis School of Entrepreneurship has been helping entrepreneurs launch their companies by providing real life, up to date, management training and coaching support.  Hundreds of companies and jobs have been created and communities changed through the work of these entrepreneurs. 

Our growSMART programs help you take the next step in your evolution as a company. Learn how to develop podcasts to share your stories, or develop a youtube channel or scale up your sales efforts.  Our entrepreneur specialists will walk with you as you scale up and out.

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