Welcome to Praxis School of Entrepreneurship

About Us

The Praxis School of Entrepreneurship is a private post-secondary training institute dedicated to helping entrepreneurs Create Their Own Futures by immersing themselves in the life of the entrepreneur through our constantly updated training program and launch their companies. Our business is helping you start your own business and we LOVE IT!

Our signature startSMART Entrepreneurship Program has been running since 1991 and has seen over 1,000 people build their dream in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Our alumni stay in touch, provide expertise and connections, become suppliers to other alumni through our directory, and some have become part of our facilitation and coaching resources. They tell us that they love the opportunity to learn with others who are equally passionate about their ideas because they learn so much from each other and stay connected after they launch. That is what it is all about – helping each other succeed!

We believe in a world of possibility where we have the power to envision our future and make it happen.

In 2019 we launched the first of our growSMART modules with many more in the works.  Getting started is one big leap, but once you are under way, the learning and the growing continues so we found entrepreneurs with expertise in fields like podcasting and youtube channels and social media and sales and networking and financial management – areas that are opportunities to help companies grow.

Praxis School of Entrepreneurship is a registered educational institute and eligible students receive a T2202.


Our Location

We love our space, tucked away on Wall Street, close to restaurants and downtown but not too embedded in the hustle bustle of the downtown. We have great training and work space, boardroom, access to office equipment and a small kitchen – everything that makes it seem like a business home. Eventually we want to live with several groups in a space that naturally facilitates creativity, innovation, fun, cross industry discoveries and helps us all grow by stepping outside of our comfort zones.

Our office entrance is on the north side of the building off the parking lot. (We know – kind of like Hogwarts Express train station which we see as being perfect for us entrepreneurs.)

History Timeline


Initial Launch

We are open! Initially launched as an information broker.


Pilot Self Employment Program Launched

We found our way as a training company – launched the Pilot Self Employment Program in Saskatchewan for federal government.


A New Milestone

We have helped 100 companies start!


Picking Up Speed

Here we go – we are at 200 companies launched ☺


Stepping Into University

Stepping into the university – adapted a portion of the startSMART program to become MGT447 at the College of Commerce / Edwards School of Busines.


Bridging the Distance

We launched our distance option. We also launched 50 more companies in Alberta!

In addition, we co-launched the first ever Business Plan Competition in Saskatchewan for post secondary students – $50,000 in prize money for the first years, increasing to $100,000 – 35 companies launched over 5 years!


Another Milestone Passed

The team has grown and we have assisted 650 entrepreneurs to launch their companies.


Start smart with startSMART

Stepping out into specialty programming – startSMART customized for Newcomers.


Picking Up the Pace

Started 4 program intakes per year.


Enterprising Youth

Launched Enterprising Youth entrepreneurship training program for the federal government.


International Offerings

Launched saskSMART for international skilled professional.


The Big Four!

We have helped 1,000 companies launch – next stop 1,500!


Growing again with growSMART

Time to grow again – growSMART launched with the PodCast Series!

The Next Step