Celebrate 30 Years with the Praxis Team!

Welcome to the Global Praxis 30th Anniversary webpage!

This is a gathering place where you can learn more about Global Infobrokers and the schools they founded: The Praxis School of Entrepreneurship and Praxis International Institute. In particular, you can discover the inspiration the Praxis School of Entrepreneurship has provided for its graduates, over the past 30 years.

Thirty years ago, when the information age was underway, a group of five women who worked for the Federal Government, decided to start their own company that would focus on mining, finding and bringing forward relevant data from vast depths of information in public government databases, to help everyday small business owners to inform their decision-making. While they were employed, Monica Kreuger had successfully designed and piloted a street-front model but was unable to obtain funding to fully launch it. The group was so convinced of the need for this service, that they planned to leave their government positions, one at a time, over two years, to start an information brokerage for small businesses.

Monica left her job first. But it soon became evident that it was going to take longer than expected to build a company that could support five people. So she purchased the shares of the company from the other four members and continued on her own. Within six months of launching Global Infobrokers Inc., the design for the “Business Information Centre” that she had engineered, while employed, was launched by the Federal Government in partnership with the Government of Saskatchewan. The information centre still exists today and is regularly used by the students of the Praxis School of Entrepreneurship.

Fast forward to 2020, the 30thth anniversary year of Global Infobrokers Inc. Monica Kreuger, the Founder, President and CEO brought together three alumni from the startSMART Program to work on this project: Christina Cherneskey, Megan Kent and Elizabeth Shih.

The goal was to showcase how the company and its core program got started, share stories from graduates on what the program was like and envision how the program could adapt over the next decade.

The core creative team decided to deliver the stories of startSMART graduates via podcasts, videos and written stories. Each of the selections below has been created and curated by a Praxis graduate.

Christina Cherneskey brings 30 years of experience as a radio journalist to her own company, started in 2018—“Christina Cherneskey Communications.” She leads the podcast interviews, featuring several Praxis graduates and collaborators.

Megan Kent a 2019 graduate of the startSMART program, combined her skills with a team that covers more than two decades of experience in video production and television broadcast. They highlight some of Praxis’ alumni who do amazing things in the community.

And Elizabeth Shih, also a 2019 graduate of the startSMART program, is a copywriter and editor who has freelanced since 2011. She rebranded “Storytelling Communications” to tell entrepreneurial stories, such as those she has written here, based on alumni interviews.

We invite you to explore this webpage and enjoy sampling these compelling “success stories.” They raise the question: “What is the Praxis Advantage?” How has the startSMART program enhanced the life and work of entrepreneurs over 30 years, retaining a 95% alumni approval rating?

The stories that follow show the “Praxis Advantage” at work. You may be so inspired that you or someone you know will enrol yourselves!


Listen to These Conversations with Praxis Grads

I am Christina Cherneskey and I am thrilled to be part of the Global Praxis 30 team!

As a radio journalist, I have worked in some of this country’s most exciting newsrooms. I also honed my skills as a talk radio host in Toronto. It was then I began to witness the strength of social media and related methods to communicate messages to a global audience. I began to study and embrace social media techniques, photography, and graphic design.

Now I own my own company called Christina Cherneskey Communications. I help my clients “Tell Their Stories,” using expertise I have gathered along the way. I also started a sub-company called Podcast Blast where I teach participants how to start a podcast correctly, then how to share that product onto social media. I’ve taught the course virtually as well as conducting workshops in person in various cities across Canada. And I intend to do even more.

But I honestly do not think I would be at this point, had I not enrolled in the Praxis School of Entrepreneurship. StartSMART changed my life for the better. When I emerged from my 30 years in news radio, I was unfocussed and unprepared for my next professional steps. Yet, the instructors at Praxis helped me mould my ideas into a cohesive, creative and (dare I say) successful business.

Imagine! Using all the skills I had amassed throughout my radio career and turning them into a business!

Now, I’m looking forward to getting even better. Over the last two years, I have created a client list which sees me work with entrepreneurs and business owners throughout Saskatoon and Ontario. I’m thrilled with my start and want to see what else is ahead!

On this page, you will find a series of podcasts I have created, speaking to some of the people involved in the startSMART program. I met with students, instructors, facilitators and more. We speak about “The Praxis Advantage” and how this program’s success rate has helped entrepreneurs move forward.

It was an honour to be part of this project. So grab your ear buds, turn on your smart speaker, or load this up in the car. And enjoy!


See where Praxis Graduates are Now

Welcome to the video section of the Praxis graduate stories. My name is Megan Kent; I am an alum of 2019 and am so happy to be part of the Global Praxis 30 team!

The journey of starting your own business does not always follow a straight or logical path. Before becoming a founding team member of Little Ox Film Company, Inc., I worked in fundraising, arts organizations and an immigration law firm. One thing that I always loved, as part of every job that I had, was the stories I got to hear along the way.

When I was with the law firm, preparing applications for permanent residency, I read love stories in the forms and documents of the applicant and their sponsor (spouse). In my work with a dance company, I created choreographies that told the story of a song to an audience.  When I worked in fundraising, I shared success stories with donors, so they could see the impact their gift had on their community.

And while the journey to entrepreneurship is not clearcut, the instructors at Praxis helped me to focus my business idea so that I could do what I love—listen to and share people’s stories.

Our team at Little Ox Film Company loved getting to sit down with some of Praxis’ graduates, to see where they are now. In every story you will see how the startSMART program had an impact on their journey and helped to shape where they are today.


Rest in Peace


Read About the Praxis Impact


My name is Elizabeth Shih. As a part-time facilitator of the startSMART business communication seminars since 2017, I have met nearly 50 of the program’s entrepreneurs-in-training. They are passionate, creative, ambitious individuals who develop clear vision of the businesses they plan and launch.

This section connects you to “success stories” of four of these alumni, bearing witness to the power of startSMART training to help them navigate entrepreneurial highs and lows; challenges and victories; uncertainties and hopes; to build and strengthen their businesses—and their communities—in the process.

I invite you to read these “success stories,” featuring Saskatoon culinary entrepreneurs, a horticulturalist and a podologist. 

Praxis Alum and Podologist Chéri McPhillamey

Praxis Alum and Podologist Chéri McPhillamey Treats Soles and Reaches Souls Career and Family Background The term

Praxis Alum and Culinary Specialist Ebtsam Elsheikh

Praxis Alum Ebtsam Elsheikh Cooks Delicious Middle Eastern Fare in Saskatchewan Ask Sudanese Canadian entrepreneur

Praxis Alum and Horticulturalist Richard Jelsma

Praxis Alum and Horticulturalist Richard Jelsma Gives Back to our Community   “I am a people person,” Richard Jelsma

Praxis Alum and Culinary Expert Joscelyn Armstrong

Praxis Alum and Culinary Expert Joscelyn Armstrong a Leader in our Community  Do You Follow a Passion, Earn a Living,